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[Important] Trading and Donations Empty [Important] Trading and Donations

Post  Opeth on Thu Aug 19, 2010 4:25 pm

Good morning,

I think it's time for managing the trade/donation-process a little bit.
Everybody might have some goods he/she wants to trade or donate.

I'll try to make a pretty list:
Everybody who wants to trade or donate goods inside our faction is able to post his goods he/she wants to trade or donate in this thread. You also can continue posting at the ingame-board, it's just an offer.

As an example how to post:

Opeth (Harpenden):
[Trade](no space!)Apples [Need]Wine

So if someone needs anything he just can search at this topic with [Ctrl]+F -> And then typing the goods you need
Exampe: You need Apples: Press "[Ctrl]+F" and type "[Trade]Apples" for a trade or "[Donation]Apples" for donations.

Just update your post periodically so you don't have to make so much denials to people who ask you for goods. Smile

Best wishes,
Opeth -Minister of Commodities

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